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[geowave-dev] Geowave Cassandra Proposal


I am the CTO for a Spatial Analytics Startup headquartered in Miami, with core engineering in Seattle. We are building our platform and utilizing Geowave+Accumulo as our core Data platform, with OrientDB as the storage for our Execution graph. 

As a company we would have a strategic advantage of utilizing Cassandra/DSE as our core Data storage engine, and in talking to @RFecher it looks like the community would greatly benefit from the support as a data store. I also know that a GSoC project was started but not completed in this realm. Myself and others in our team know a lot about C* & DSE and I have multiple contacts on the Cassandra team. Spatially would love to dev the project to build a connector for C*/DSE for GeoWave, and would be a great contribution back to the community. 

What would the process be for us to propose a solution and get accepted to build. We would be ready to start immediately. 

Thanks, Kartik 

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