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[geowave-dev] geowave-tools -hdfsingest

I want to ingest some data via the geowave-tools operation hdfsingest using the following command:

java -cp geowave-deploy-0.8.9-SNAPSHOT-tools.jar mil.nga.giat.geowave.core.cli.GeoWaveMain -hdfsingest \-b /home/marcel/testData/verysmall.csv \-hdfs node1-scads02:8020 \-i accumulo \-n geowave \-p secret \-resourceman node1-scads02:8032 \-u root \-z node1-scads02:2181

FATAL [main] ingest.AbstractIngestCommandLineDriver ( - There were no ingest format plugin providers found

In your documentation it says that there were plugin jars needed. What do you mean by that? Where can I find them?

Marcel Jacob.

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