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Re: [geowave-dev] Geowave analytics options

Thanks for pointing that out Scott. I actually haven't run DBScan myself using the shaded jar produced by activating the 'analytics-singlejar' profile, but it looks to me, at least regarding your experience with an unrecognized CLI operation, that there's an issue with running analytics through GeoWaveMain in 0.8.9-SNAPSHOT.  The analytics operations simply don't seem to be provided within META-INF/services.  Its a very easy fix at least, I just committed the file with the SPI operation provider that should get you past this error.

I do know Eric's been running DBScan recently, but probably through a different means than this? Eric, should he just be using a different packaging?

We are trying to move toward everything including the analytics running through GeoWaveMain, but we aren't fully there yet (apparently).  Let us know if this works for you.


On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 4:09 PM, Scott <sctevl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  I tried out the sample command to run the dbscan analytic against the geolife tables I loaded into GeoWave. However, when I run the command: 

yarn jar geowave-analytic-mapreduce-0.8.9-SNAPSHOT-analytics-singlejar.jar  -dbscan  -n geowave.geolife -u geowave -p hadoop -z FQDN:2181 -i accumulo -emn 2 -emx 6 -pd 1000 -pc mil.nga.giat.geowave.analytic.partitioner.OrthodromicDistancePartitioner -cms 10 -orc 4 -hdfsbase /user/geolife -b bdb4 -eit geolife

I get the following: ERROR cli.GeoWaveMain: Unable to parse operation

org.apache.commons.cli.UnrecognizedOptionException: Unrecognized option: -dbscan

Is dbscan a different option now? Is there a list of the proper options for all of the analytics (such as KMeans, Nearest Neighbors, etc)? Am I just overlooking something in the docs?



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