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[geomesa-users] GeoMesa 3.5.0 released

The GeoMesa team here at CCRi is happy to announce a new minor releases, 3.5.0. Artifacts are available from Maven Central[1] and on GitHub[2]. Users are encourage to upgrade when possible.

Some highlights include:

* Integration with Kafka Streams and GeoMesa Kafka data stores
* Ability to write to Confluent schema registry Kafka topics
* Removal of all instances of log4j for security reasons

For detailed information on all the changes, refer to the release notes[3] and the upgrade guide[4].

This is expected to be the last release in the 3.x line. Keep an eye out for 4.0.0, which will include support for Java 11, Scala 2.13, and many dependency updates.

As always, feel free to be in touch with us on our mailing lists and Gitter.




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