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Re: [geomesa-users] GeoMesa, Accumulo, Hadoop version compatibility

Hi Michael,

Good question!  This should work.  As we were working on adding Accumulo 2.0 support to GeoMesa, we saw that it listed Hadoop 3.x as a dependency.  The guide is trying to indicate that GeoMesa 3.x maintains Accumulo 1.9 support while adding Accumulo 2.0 support.  Since Cloudera is providing Accumulo 1.9 support on Hadoop 3, I believe things should work.

Likely, the biggest issue that you may hit is while finding exactly the right jars to put on the classpath for the command line tools, GeoServer, or a Spark environment.  Since each CDH version (and similarly any environment like AWS's EMR or Azure's similar offering) has a slightly different collection of versions, there may be a few small conflicts to resolve.  The issues have typically popped up around shared libraries like Guava or a logging library; they'll turn up as ClassNotFound or NoSuchMethodErrors.

The GeoMesa documentation has some specific advice about which jars we have used while testing releases; that's a great starting spot.  If things do not work out, feel free to email again, file a JIRA bug, or reach on Gitter!

On the flip side, if things work with a given version of Cloudera, I'd love to hear about it as well! 



On 1/18/2021 6:28 PM, McNeil, Michael T. - US wrote:

We are planning an upgrade to our GeoMesa version. However, I think we have a version mismatch problem.

The Geomesa Upgrade Guide section 26.3.3 says:

     "GeoMesa 3.0.0 supports both Accumulo 1.9 with Hadoop 2.8 and Accumulo 2.0 with Hadoop 3."

However, we use Cloudera CDH and will be upgrading that to a 6.* version.  It only supports Accumulo 1.9.2 with Hadoop 3.

Will GeoMesa 3.1.1 work with Accumulo 1.9.2 and Hadoop 3?


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