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Re: [geomesa-users] FW: GeoMesa error during mvn (clean) install

Hi Dr. Galić,

First, for open source support, this list and Gitter ( are the right channels!

For GeoMesa, to get started, you can usually download a bundle from here: to try out one or more of the backends that GeoMesa integrates with. 

For the error your students are hitting, there's not enough information in that screenshot to see why the Maven build failed for the geomesa-z3 module.  The error higher up may provide more information.  GeoMesa is usually deployed on Linux machines and as such is developed on Linux machines.  Trying to build on Windows may hit issues.  Personally, I've seen GeoMesa build and work on Ubuntu and Centos.  Building and running with Java 8 is required.



On 12/21/2020 11:44 AM, Zdravko Galić wrote:

My students are using Geomesa for their projects on “Big Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data Management”.


Some of them tried to build GeoMesa source cloned from GitHub so they could use GeoMesa Stream Processing.

They followed steps in GeoMesa documentation, as seen on the attached image "How to.PNG".

On the attached image "Info.PNG" you can see that they use Java 8 and Apache Maven 3.6.3.

The error they get (attached image "Error.PNG") happens when they try to do mvn install (or mvn clean install).

They tried using different Java 8 version (1.8.0_261) but nothing seems to work.


I would be very glad if you can provide us with any help or connect with the relevant support person.


Best regards



Prof. Dr. Zdravko Galić

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Department of Applied Computing

Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb


Phone: +385 1 6129 531


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