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Re: [geomesa-users] Querying a interger column


Did you figure anything out? I'm not really sure, but maybe the dates are not being parsed correctly, in our examples, we use a format like "'2016-01-02T01:00:00Z'". Executing "explain select ..." might give you more information about how the query is being parsed.



On 11/24/20 11:21 PM, Danilo Degracia wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering if I can get some help to properly query in python using geomesa interger 9780873, below code give blank results. T

df=spark.sql("""select * from df where
           imo = 9780873 and
           dtg > cast('2019-01-01 00:00' as timestamp) and  
           dtg < cast('2010-12-31 00:00' as timestamp)""")

Thank you in advance.

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