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Re: [geomesa-users] How to run geomesa process in CQL of GeoServer.

Hi Ming,

Good question.  GeoMesa's 'processes' are named so because they are called and executed through the Web Processor Service (WPS).  WPS is an OGC standard and as such is based on XML. 

An example of using that particular process is in the GeoMesa documentation here:   Note that one would have to install the GeoServer WPS extension and additional GeoMesa process jars. 

CQL is query language which has string and XML representations and is usually used with other OGC standards like WFS and WMS.  CQL is rather limited query/_expression_ language and cannot express as much computation as WPS.



On 8/7/2020 3:09 AM, Simon Zhang wrote:
Hi all:

How to run geomesa process (such as point2pointprocess) in CQL of GeoServer. Are there any examples.


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