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Re: [geomesa-users] Does GeoMesa has row level size limitation?

Hi Amit,

There shouldn't be any limit on the record size, other than the constraints imposed by the underlying database. Can you reproduce it in a unit test, or step-by-step through the repl? That would make it easier to figure out what's wrong. Also including the full stack trace would be useful.



On 7/13/20 6:53 PM, Amit Srivastava wrote:
Hi Team,

I am using Geomesa version 2.4.1. I am seeing an exception if I am putting a record greater than a certain threshold (attached sample record) size. Can anyone help me to investigate, what is the issue and how we can fix this?

Caused by: com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: Buffer overflow. Available: 0, required: 245
at ~[geomesa-hbase-spark-runtime_2.11-2.4.0.jar:?]
at ~[geomesa-hbase-spark-runtime_2.11-2.4.0.jar:?]
at ~[geomesa-hbase-spark-runtime_2.11-2.4.0.jar:?]

Table Schema:

INFO  Describing attributes of feature 'OSMv2Relations'
geometry           | MultiPolygon (Spatio-temporally indexed)
ingestionTimestamp | Timestamp    (Spatio-temporally indexed)
nextTimestamp      | Timestamp    
idValue            | String       (Attribute indexed)
serializerVersion  | String      
featurePayload     | String      

User data:
  geomesa.index.dtg    | ingestionTimestamp
  geomesa.indices      | xz3:2:3:geometry:ingestionTimestamp,id:4:3:,attr:8:3:idValue:ingestionTimestamp
  geomesa.stats.enable | true
  geomesa.z.splits     | 127



Amit Kumar Srivastava

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