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Re: [geomesa-users] Using the Java API - NoClassDefFoundError

Worked great!  I think all the dependencies are resolved properly now - thank you for your help.

I am having a problem getting results from querying after writing a feature, following the documentation.  I wanted to ask if there's a new method for IndexEntryType.getTypeSpec(), which is appended to the featureSchema in the documentation.  This does not appear to exist in GeoMesa anymore, so perhaps this is why my query-all is not successful.

I've also noticed that these lines:

newFeature.setAttribute(Constants.SF_PROPERTY_START_TIME, new Date());
newFeature.setAttribute(Constants.SF_PROPERTY_END_TIME, new Date());

Cause the following exception:

org.geotools.feature.IllegalAttributeException:Unknown attribute geomesa_index_start_time:null value:null

So I have removed those lines in my test code.  So the IndexEntryType and the Start/End time lines are the only difference between my test code and the documentation.  Is there a new way to do either of these?  My write seems to be successful, but my queryAll of the FeatureSource returns an empty FeatureCollection.  Looking in the debugger, it does not appear the the write actually wrote anything to the DataStore.  Could this be caused by omitting the above mentioned lines?  Sample code attached in case that is useful.

Thanks once again, this assistance is very much appreciated.


On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 10:27 AM, Chris Eichelberger <cne1x@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

That error has do to with one of the GeoTools JAR files -- I believe
it's gt-epsg-hsql-{version}.jar -- not being on the classpath.  This is
marked as a "provided" dependency for GeoMesa, like the Accumulo and
Zookeeper JARs.

Please let us know if adding that to your classpath doesn't help.


  -- Chris


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