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[geomesa-users] Installation Failure - GeoMesa Core


I would am doing some research into working with GeoMesa, and I'm having trouble getting it installed properly.  About halfway through the install (in GeoMesa Core) I get a test failure that halts the installation process.  It is a MojoFailureException, which apparently is caused by dependency or plugin problems.

I have Accumulo and its dependencies installed and tested to work together on OS X Mavericks:
hadoop 2.4.0 (via homebrew)
zookeeper 3.4.6 (via homebrew)
accumulo 1.6.0
java 1.8.0_05

I have tried using older versions than the above: Hadoop 2.2 and Accumulo 1.5 (which are stated to work here: but I had the same issue during GeoMesa install.

I've attached the relevant output from "mvn -X clean install".  The GeoMesa Core fails after successful installs of GeoMesa, Geomesa Utils, and Geomesa Filters & Functions.  Any suggestions or ideas about what could be causing this issue or where to start looking would be appreciated.


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