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[geomesa-users] Data retrieval and Rendering times



My team has been working with geomesa and the accumulo tables for a prototype product.  We have spent  a lot of time learning about accumulo and geomesa.  I was able to use the shapefile ingest class to push the FCC cell towers shapefile (26000+ features) into accumulo and generate a layer in GeoServer.


Using the GeoServer preview layers page, we get some pretty information back with WMS requests.  However, at certain zoom levels, the image times out, or the image doesn’t render.  I can click the image at a presumed location and the getfeatureinfo call works and returns the features around my x/y coordinate.  Zooming in or out will generally return the expected image.


Are there JVM/memory settings for GeoServer or Accumulo that I can begin looking at tweaking to increase performance?  Is there an expected limitation on the number of features that are returned from a WMS getmap call?






Chris Snider

Senior Software Engineer

Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc.

Direct (719) 452-7257

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