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Re: [geomesa-users] Loading Data

Hi Chris,

Here is an example Java project that ingests GDELT using Hadoop 2.2, Accumulo 1.5, and the tip of GeoMesa master.
It took 30 minutes to ingest a 72G TSV file that is an uncompressed concatenation of GDELT up to Feb 24, 2014.

We plan to roll it into geomesa/geomesa-gdelt but for now it is a separate project:

1) mvn install
2) hadoop jar target/geomesa-gdelt-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar geomesa.gdelt.GDELTIngest -instanceId [instanceId] -zookeepers [zookeepers] -user [user] -password [password] -auths [auths] -tableName [tableName] -featureName [featureName] -ingestFile [ingestFile]

It will copy its jar to HDFS and requires that the ingestFile be a gdelt format TSV that is already on HDFS.

I hope this is helpful - let me know if you have any questions. This branch is still under development and we are also working on a complete tutorial to accompany it.


On 04/11/2014 04:42 PM, Hunter Provyn wrote:
Hi Chris,

We recommend the steps below for ingesting a non-shapefile csv or tsv:

1. in java code, get a handle on a DataStore using DataStoreFinder.getDataStore()
2. create a SimpleFeatureType for GDELT using DataUtilities
3. call ds.createSchema(schemaType)
4. run map reduce job with that schema

I'm working on an example project in Java that I will send you when complete.

Below is an example of using DataUtilities to create a SimpleFeatureType for GDELT. You may need to double check some of the types in the sftSpec String, I referred to the GDELT online documentation:

String name = "gdelt";
String sftSpec =

SimpleFeatureType featureType = DataUtilities.createType(name, sftSpec);


On 04/11/2014 01:22 PM, Chris Snider wrote:



I saw some of the Geomesa YouTube videos referencing loading data as well as the “Spatio-temporal Indexing in Non-relational Distributed Databases” paper referencing loading the GDELT dataset.  Are there any documented steps on how to load the GDELT dataset?


Additionally, I have been able to load features to a feature type using the WFS-T endpoint.  Is there a better/faster/more efficient method of loading even modest amounts of data?  Example, I have a Natural Earth Country Polygon set that I extracted the geometry, name and admin columns from to push into Geomesa through the WFS-T endpoint.  I can only push between 5 and 10 rows without hitting a timeout.




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