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[gef-dev] HIPP job "" causes issues on hippcentos slave


I noticed that the job "" on the GEF HIPP
( has not
been running successful for (at least) the last two weeks.

A test crashes and the job runs into a timeout after 120 minutes.

This would usually not be a big issue, but in this case the job is
running a process on the hippcentos machine that uses a significant
amount of memory. After the crash the process is not killed (and can't
even be killed manually with kill -9).
Since the resources on hippcentos machine are shared with other projects
(e.g. platform), this affects other projects.

Therefore I have disabled the "" job for now.
Please investigate and either fix or temporarily disable the specific
test(s) that crash(es).



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

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