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[gef-dev] Question about abstract gef.mvc


I am trying to implement a graphical editor whose rendering is based on JavaFX in some cases and on another (native OpenGL-based) rendering engine depending on some aspect of its data model. 

I would like to implement the non-JavaFX viewer based on the abstract gef.mvc framework and use InfiniteCanvasViewer and all the existing infrastructure for the JavaFX viewer. I am having a hard time doing this in a single editor due to some choices made in the design of the gef.mvc framework. The main decision being that gef.mvc and gef.mvc.fx are completely separate as opposed to them all being based on the abstract gef.mvc.

I was wondering how this decision was made and if there any plans to unify these in the future? Or maybe I missed something important that can help me in my implementation.

Thanks in advance!

David Dubrow

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