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Re: [gef-dev] SetPropertyValueOperation

Hi David,

thank you for the suggestion! I think you are right: the default for SetPropertyValueOperation#isContentRelevant() should be true. Within the MVC Logo Example, changing curve or shape properties affects the model, so it is indeed content-relevant. Concerning your side note, the other operations are split into visual and content operations (TransformVisual-, TransformContent-, ResizeVisual-, ResizeContentOperation, etc.). Therefore, content-relevancy is fixed for these operations, and does not need to be changed by the user. Hence, no means is provided for doing so. However, SetPropertyValueOperation can be content-relevant (persisted properties) or content-irrelevant (volatile properties). Therefore, it should provide a setter for altering its content-relevancy, so that the user can set it individually for all properties by providing a custom UndoablePropertySheetEntry. I will open a Bugzilla for the issue.

Best regards,

2017-01-19 18:21 GMT+01:00 David Dubrow <ddubrow@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I have a question about why SetPropertyValueOperation returns false for isContentRelevant (with no way to change it). It seems that setting a property value via the property sheet would more often than not affect the model data (and therefore dirty an editor). Is there something I’m missing?


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