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[gef-dev] GraphViz and Eclipse

Just subscribed to the list, don't know if this is the right place to
ask, but I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that will graph (a
la GraphViz's dot) the Java Call Hierarchy. I found myself manually
piecing this together at work on a few occasions and over the weekend
hacked up a new pop-up menu item for the Call Graph to copy the dot
output to the clipboard. With a preferences page pointing to a local
install of dot, I reckon I could have it output a .png file that might
be displayed in an Eclipse window -- all of this underkill for even
draw2d, I'd guess, much less GEF.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw out a general query for feedback on this
sort of visualization. I briefly looked over the UML2, EMF stuff, that
seems a bit much for what I'm interested in. I just want some simple
visualization of existing code.