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[etrice-users] Trying to set up etrice for stm32 project

I'm trying to set up eTrice for my custom STM32 board. I'm using
Platformio for building and deploying the embedded code.
I have tried following the DAVE tutorial and adapting it for my system
instead, but when I use the wizard like in the tutorial the generator
only generates the following files in my model folder:
* et_blinky.etmap
* et_blinky.etphys
According to the tutorial I should get more files:
I seem to be missing
* etrice_c_runtime
* etrice_c_modellib
The launch script are generated correctly.
I have tried to include files from org.eclipse.etrice.runtime.c and
org.eclipse.etrice.runtime.cpp and referring to the sources and
include paths in my build scripts. This lets me build more of my
project but errors on
lib/etrice/src/common/modelbase/RTSystemProtocol.h:11:10: fatal error:
common/modelbase/RTSystemServicesProtocol.h: No such file or directory
   11 | #include "common/modelbase/RTSystemServicesProtocol.h"

So I have identified that the header for RTSystemServicesProtocol.h is
a generated header. And it is generated when the etrice_modellib is
properly included in the project, I have identified the modelpath
file, and tried to insert the full path to the etrice.modellib.cpp in
this file, and the generator cannot seem to find this folder.

So my question is, where do I start looking if I want to start cross
compiling a project for an MCU?
If I get it working I will gladly contribute with an updated tutorial :)

Yours sincerely/Med venlig hilsen
John Tordur Kvilt Sevdal

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