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Re: [etrice-users] Examples help

Hi Vivek,

on the bottom of page 39 of the PDF documentation [1] (which coincides with the eTrice online documentation) it reads
"For debugging and learning purposes, the application produced a Message Sequence Chart and wrote it to a file. Open the file subSysRef1_Async.seq or msc.seq in the folder HelloWorld/tmp/log/ using the tool Trace2UML. Create the path if not already there."
Further examples can be found on pages 41, 49 and 56.
Make sure to check "generate instrumentation for MSC generation" on the generator tab of the launch configuration.

MSCs in general are a very valuable means to debug systems with asynchronous communication.

Hope that helps,


Am 10.09.2014 um 18:49 schrieb Srivastava, Vivek :


   Great tool folks! Is there any documentation around how to use the examples. I am able to generate both C and JAVA code but how do I test out the state transition etc of PingPong or the TrafficLight example.


Apols if I missed it the doc.




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