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[etrice-dev] [aeri] Weekly Problem Digest for eTrice

New problems reported last week

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Active problems last month

  Summary Reporters Status Severity Bug
1. NullPointerException in TransitionSupport$FeatureProvider$AddFeature.add 2 UNCONFIRMED normal -
2. ClassCastException in FSMSupportUtil.insertRefinedState 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
3. InvalidConcreteSyntaxException below DiagramEditorBase.validateResource (thrown in Serializer.serialize) 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
4. NoStackTrace in DiagramEditorBase.validateResource 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
5. NullPointerException in AbstractFSMEditor.removeEmptySubgraphs 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
6. NullPointerException in AbstractPropertyDialog$Enum2StringConverter.convert 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
7. NullPointerException in ExpandedModelComponentImpl.validationError 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
8. NullPointerException in FSMExtensions.getOutgoingTransitionsHierarchical 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
9. NullPointerException in FSMSupportUtil.updateStateGraphNodes 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
10. NullPointerException in InterfaceItemSupport$BehaviorProvider.getToolTip 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
11. NullPointerException in RoomFragmentProvider$RoomPathProvider.caseBindingEndPointShort 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
12. NumberFormatException below PortPropertyDialog$String2MultiplicityConverter.convert (thrown in NumberFormatException.forInputString) 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -
13. ValueConverterException below RoomSemanticSequencer.sequence_SPPoint (thrown in AbstractIDValueConverter.createTokenContentMismatchException) 1 UNCONFIRMED normal -

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