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[etrice-dev] Hudson build with Gerrit trigger

Hi developers,

we have a new Hudson build job which is triggered by Gerrit events.

The Eclipse Foundation now offers so called HIPPs (Hudson Instance per Project) which allows us to use the Gerrit trigger.
Our HIPP instance is [1]. There we have the rights to create new jobs.

If a new change (or patch) is uploaded to our Gerrit instance then this build job is triggered automatically.
After completion the job creates an entry in the Gerrit page of the change (cf. [2] for an example) which indicates whether the
build ran successfully.
The builds on the other hand are also linked to the change that triggered them.

With Gerrit, Gerrit triggered Continuous Integration and the new CLA (Contributer License Agreement) I guess we really are
embracing contributions!

Kind regards,


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