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[escet-dev] Eclipse ESCET community meeting #2
  • From: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2023 09:54:41 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Eclipse ESCET community meeting #2

Dear Eclipse ESCET community members and Synthesis-Based Engineering enthusiasts,

It is my pleasure to announce the second edition of the Eclipse ESCET community meeting. The Eclipse Supervisory Control Engineering Toolkit (Eclipse ESCET™) project provides a model-based approach and toolkit for the development of supervisory controllers. It supports Synthesis-Based Engineering (SBE), an engineering approach to design and implement supervisory controllers that combines model-based engineering with computer-aided design to produce correct-by-construction controllers. Participation in this community meeting is free and open to all.

The theme of this second community meeting is the Eclipse ESCET ecosystem. We have presentations from various members of the community, that show both increasing maturity of the technology and interesting new directions that are being explored. A significant part of the meeting is dedicated to discussing ways to further grow the ecosystem and to expand collaboration.

Meeting details
  • Date/time: The meeting is on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 9:00-12:00 (UTC+2). Following the meeting there will be a free lunch, from 12:00-13:00 (UTC+2), to allow for further discussions and networking.
  • Hybrid meeting: The meeting is primarily a physical event, with the additional option for our international community members to join online.
  • Physical location: TNO Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

If you’d like to join the meeting, please register (it’s free). Just send an email to dennis.hendriks@xxxxxx, with the following information:
  • Your name (first and last name).
  • Your organization.
  • Whether you plan to join physically or online (since TNO requires all visitors to be registered).
  • Whether you plan to join the lunch (since it is a waste to over-order lunch).

The preliminary agenda is:

9:00-9:20 – Welcome [Dennis Hendriks]
A word of welcome, including a short introduction to the Eclipse ESCET project for newcomers, and some general news since the previous community meeting, such as new committers, new releases, and new features.

9:20-9:40 – Synthesis scalability improvements [TNO]
Scalability of synthesis for complex models was identified during the previous community meeting as a challenge. TNO conducted a short evaluation of the performance improvements for CIF data-based synthesis in recent years, and we’ll outline the current status regarding scalability, and some next steps.

9:40-10:00 – Configure-to-order models and synthesis for waterway locks [TU/e, RWS]
An ‘assembler’ has been developed for waterway locks, that from a selected system configuration automatically generates models and visualizations, and synthesizes a supervisor. It has been applied at Rijkswaterstaat, and helps to make SBE available to users with less knowledge and expertise.

10:00-10:20 – Synthesis-Based Engineering for Wafer Handlers [ASML, VDL-ETG, TNO-ESI]
ASML and VDL-ETG jointly develop the wafer handler sub-system for ASML’s TWINSCAN systems. Together with TNO-ESI, they are developing an SBE approach for the development of these sub-systems, to tackle the increasing complexity, handle the increasing number of system configurations, and further improve the throughput.

10:20-10:30 – Break

10:30-10:50 – Connecting synthesis to UML/SysML [TNO, Cordis, RWS]
While CIF features synthesis possibilities, modeling in CIF is not (yet) an industry practice. This begs the question whether synthesis could be connected to, or integrated with, industry-standard UML/SysML modeling environments. TNO, Cordis and Rijkswaterstaat explore such options in the context of Cordis SUITE and Enterprise Architect.

10:50-11:10 – Update on SBE at Rijkswaterstaat [RWS]
During the previous community meeting, Rijkswaterstaat shared their plans for the adoption of SBE, and asked questions to the community. A lot has happened since then, and Rijkswaterstaat will give an update on their commitment, strategy and plans.

11:10-12:00 – Growing the Eclipse ESCET ecosystem
The Eclipse ESCET ecosystem is growing. After a short update on the current status of the ecosystem and its growth, we want to have a discussion on how to grow the ecosystem even further. How can we collaborate even more as an ecosystem? How can we attract other interested parties, both users and developers? Let’s discuss!

12:00-13:00 – Lunch
For those joining the meeting physically, there is the opportunity to stay for a free lunch, for further discussions and networking.

I hope to see you all in September!

Kind regards,
Dennis Hendriks
Eclipse ESCET project lead

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