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Re: [escet-dev] Eclipse ESCET community meeting #1
  • From: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 09:37:21 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Eclipse ESCET community meeting #1

Hi all,

Tomorrow morning (Friday morning) I'm going to select a date for the community meeting. Until then you can still indicate your availability. Once the date is selected, I'll announce it here. Everybody is of course welcome to join, regardless of whether you filled in your availability or not.


Van: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Verzonden: woensdag 16 februari 2022 16:09
Aan: escet-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx <escet-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Onderwerp: Eclipse ESCET community meeting #1

Dear Eclipse ESCET community members,

You, the community of the Eclipse Supervisory Control Engineering Toolkit (ESCET) project, are hereby invited to the first ever Eclipse ESCET community meeting.

Meeting: Eclipse ESCET community meeting #1

Topic: Synthesis-Based Engineering (SBE) of supervisory controllers

Date/time: The meeting duration is two hours. For now, this is an online meeting, but it may become a hybrid online/face-to-face meeting. If you’re interested in joining the meeting, please indicate your availability (

Feel free to share this message with others that may be interested in this meeting.

The preliminary agenda is as follows:

1) Eclipse ESCET and SBE introduction


Speaker: Dennis Hendriks from ESI (TNO), Eclipse ESCET project lead

This presentation will introduce Synthesis-Based Engineering (SBE) of supervisory controllers, explaining what it is, what value it can bring, and how it relates to other engineering approaches. It also shortly discusses the Eclipse ESCET project and its CIF language and toolset, which support the SBE approach. Finally, the progress and current status of the Eclipse ESCET open-source project is briefly discussed.

2) Eclipse ESCET and SBE at Rijkswaterstaat

Speakers: Harry Lammeretz and Han Vogel from Rijkswaterstaat

This presentation will focus on the vision of Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) on the development of control software for their public works, such as water locks. It will explain the value of SBE for Rijkswaterstaat, but will also discuss the challenges that still lie ahead, in terms of tool needs, commercial support and ecosystem expansion.

3) Discussion about needs and next steps for SBE and Eclipse ESCET

A good part of the meeting is reserved for discussion, to answer the following questions:

  • Do you see the value of Synthesis-Based Engineering (SBE)? 
  • What is the reason you’re interested in SBE and Eclipse ESCET? 
  • What are your needs, now and towards the future? 
  • What should be next steps for the Eclipse ESCET project? 
  • How can we as a community take these next steps? 
Kind regards,
Dennis Hendriks
Eclipse ESCET project lead

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