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Re: [escet-dev] Eclipse ESCET v0.4 release date is approaching
  • From: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 10:35:14 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Eclipse ESCET v0.4 release date is approaching

Hi all,

I've moved all unfinished v0.4 issues to v0.5, except the ones having to do with the v0.4 release, and the ones that have a merge request and may still be merged today. If you feel any of the issues should still be addressed for v0.4, then please relabel them back to v0.4.

Today is the last day for changes to v0.4. Tomorrow I'll release v0.4-RC1.


Van: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Verzonden: zondag 12 december 2021 16:41
Aan: escet developer discussions <escet-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Onderwerp: Re: Eclipse ESCET v0.4 release date is approaching
Hi all,

The plan is  to release v0.4-RC1 on Tuesday. Ideally all preparations are finished on Monday (tomorrow). Anything not merged to 'develop' by then may not make it into the v0.4 release.


Van: Dennis Hendriks <dh_tue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Verzonden: zondag 5 december 2021 17:32
Aan: escet developer discussions <escet-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Onderwerp: Eclipse ESCET v0.4 release date is approaching
Hi all,

The v0.4 release date is in 12 days on December 17. I propose to release v0.4-RC1 on December 14, to allow a few days for testing before the actual release. This means that anything you still want to be included for the v0.4 release needs to be finished at the latest on December 13. We should hold of on merging any merge requests to develop between v0.4-RC1 and the final release of v0.4, unless they are critical bug fixes.


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