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[escet-dev] Release v0.2: delay or descope?

Hi all,

I'm very happy with the work we've done so far for release v0.2. We addressed many of the issues already. We also fixed many bugs.

Today is the release date that we set for release v0.2. But, we still have various open issues for this release.

There are several reasons we did not yet resolve all the issues for this release. One is the many bug issues that were created in the last months, including several non-trivial ones. Another is that some work has been more involved than expected, e.g. the multi-HTML output.

Regardless of the reasons, we now have a decision to make. Do we:
  1. Delay the release until all the issues have been addressed?
  2. Move the remaining issues to a next release, release a release candidate this week, and perform the final release next week?
  3. Some other alternative?
Given that the sum of the remaining issues is still significant, delaying the release until all that work is done would not be my preference. I propose to go for the 2nd option.

What are your thoughts on this? And are there issues that you consider critical for a v0.2 release?


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