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[equinox-dev] Perform Freeze Periode Verification as dedicated GitHub workflow

For Platform-Projects hosted on GitHub the Freeze-Period-Check for PRs is currently performed as last step of the verification build-pipeline on Jenkins. This has the disadvantage that in case the freeze period is active and the build therefore fails, the cause of the failure is not directly obvious.
Therefore I want to suggest to run the freeze-period-check in a dedicated GH action workflow.
The freeze-period check would then appear as separate check in the "checks-overview" of a PR.
The workflow could be implemented as a reusable workflow [1] that is for example defined in the g.c/eclipse-platform/eclipse.platform.releng or eclipse-platform/eclipse.platform.releng.buildtools repo. The workflow could then be called by all other Eclipse repos that have to run this check.
Because the workflow is only defined once it could also be considered to avoid the use of the "" script and to implement the logic directly into the workflow.
In case the check requires credentials to log into the calendar, which at least the mentioned script does, then the secrets could be stored in GitHub's secret store at organization level ([2] and [3]).
But I actually expected the calendar could be publicly available for read.
If you others are interested I could set up a corresponding workflow.
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

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