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[equinox-dev] PMC: Bugzilla autoclosing ruling

Hey everyone,
During yesterday's meeting we discussed the topic and here is the outcome:
* Autoclosing was never a rule enforced by PMC
* It has always been decision taken on Project level (probably even prior to merging into 4 subprojects)
* JDT has never had bug auto closing enabled
* PMC strongly believes that this is a decision to be taken by committers at a given time to enable/disable autoclosing of bugs as they see fit as they are the people that SHOULD be monitoring/triaging/fixing/etc. bugs.

So if the project you work on has autoclosing bugs enabled/disabled and you want to change it the process should be:
* Start discussion/vote on your project list
* Everyone is welcome to vote but binding votes are committers`votes
* Successful vote to change the strategy should lead to requesting so

This should help the community to adjust things according to the current state of the project, committers, priorities, etc. without waiting for resolution from people that are not actively working on a given subproject.

Aleksandar Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team

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