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Re: [equinox-dev] Classloader precedence of entries


As I understand it, this is primarily used for self-hosted launches.   The way I read it, it modifies/augments the bundle's actual classpath such that it works however the classpath normally works.

If you do a self-hosted launch, you can see the -dev argument from the Properties... of the process and can look in the file that's generated.  E.g., it will have lots of entries like this:


I suppose this way you can even debug how that file is read and how it is used, though I assume it does literally what the documentation says it does, i.e., it builds up the classpath for each bundle.  Consider that just looking in a bundle's "." folder would not find the classes that are actually in the bundle's ./bin folder, hence the need for special "dev" classpath behavior...


On 11.04.2021 15:55, Christoph Läubrich wrote:
The property is described as [1]:

This property may also be set to a comma-separated class path entries
which are added to the class path of each plug-in

But how is it applied? Is it used as a last resort if all other options (import-package, require-bundle, fragments, Dynamic-Import package) are searched and nothing was found?

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