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[equinox-dev] behavior difference between normal shutdown and async shutdown on eclipse application

normal shutdown will immediate shutdown framework also jdk regard exists non-deamon thread also console thread

but async shutdown will immediate shutdown framework but wait non-deamon thread complete before exit jdk
in case has console thread (run with -console) then console thread don't complete so jdk also don't exit

i do a project demo it here

1. import this project into eclipse
2. The project has 2 applications, one does normal shutdown and one does async shutdown
3. applicate simple run a non-daemon thread on 1 minute and a job thread as main application
4. has 4 launcher for 4 case
  • normal shutdown without console
  • normal shutdown with console
  • async shutdown without console
  • async shutdown with console
Do you think it's a feature or bug?
in case it's feature how i terminal jdk when i exit async an application run with console?

Lê Quý Hiệp
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