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[equinox-dev] Vote for Committer status for Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti was started by Arun Thondapu

rt.equinox Committers,
This automatically generated message signals that Arun Thondapu has
nominated Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti as a Committer on the rt.equinox
project. The reason given is as follows:

Sravan has been contributing via patches and builds to the Equinox Launcher
component for more than two years now. He understands the launcher code
well and has performed many gerrit reviews for the same as well. 

Sravan has been able to contribute significantly to the launcher when
needed, even while being an active SWT and Releng committer and he intends
to continue to make more important contributions in the future. I'm sure he
will be a great addition to  the Equinox Launcher project as a committer.

Here is the current list of major contributions made by Sravan:

493797	[HiDPI][Win32][GTK] Adapt Launcher to 'integer' scaling which is
default for Eclipse/SWT in Neon
427757	The Browser widget no longer works on RHEL6.4
450064	[GTK3] Make GTK+ 3 the default in Eclipse for GTK+ version >= 3.10
as well
450486	[GTK+] Make GTK+ 2.18 the minimum supported version
454299	Overlay scrollbars, GTK3 are not disabled automatically when
-nosplash is used
454384	[GTK+] remove the ability to start eclipse with GTK+ less than 2.18
467991	Enable GTK3 mode for eclipse on ppc64le platform
469113	Enable GTK3 for GTK < 3.10.9 as well on ppc64le platform
472042	Regression: eclipse -noSplash prints errors if no DISPLAY is set on
488910	[HiDpi][GTK] splash screen should show the correct size based on the
scaling selected otherwise it gets cropped.
488913	[Retina Support][GTK] Disable scaling by GTK for the the highDPI
450062	Exclude GTK_version flag for windows

The vote is being held via the MyFoundation portal: voters *must* use the
portal for the votes to be properly recorded.  The voting will continue
until either all 37 existing Committers have voted or until they have been
given enough time to vote, even if they do not do so (defined as at least
one week). Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti must receive at least three +1s and no
-1s for a successful election.

Eligible Committers must cast their votes through their My Foundation
portal page (do NOT just reply to this email; your vote will not be
correctly recorded unless you use the portal):


The project Committers eligible to vote are:

    John Arthorne
    Raymond Auge
    Oleg Besedin
    Stoyan Boshev
    Ian Bull
    Krzysztof Daniel
    Pavlin Dobrev
    John Duimovich
    Bogdan Gheorghe
    Ted Habeck
    Thomas Hallgren
    BJ Hargrave
    Simon Kaegi
    Borislav Kapukaranov
    Markus Keller
    Lazar Kirchev
    Peter Kriens
    Alexander Kurtakov
    Daniel Le Berre
    Stefan Liebig
    Henrik Lindberg
    Martin Lippert
    Susan McCourt
    Shawn Minto
    Kim Moir
    Glyn Normington
    Tobias Oberlies
    Matthew Piggott
    Steffen Pingel
    Silenio Quarti
    Pascal Rapicault
    Arun Thondapu
    Teodor Todorov
    Thomas Watson
    Mike Wilson
    Stefan Xenos
    Meng Xin Zhu

*NOTE*: Successful elections are left open for a maximum of 120 days to
allow for processing of paperwork.  After that time the election will be
expired, regardless of its current status.  Should papework processing on
the part of the candidate take more time than allowed, a new election will
have to be held.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>