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[equinox-dev] P2 Tests

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on this enhancement https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/c/89530/ in p2.

The tests are failing and I am trying to get them to run locally. With no success.

What I did so far:
I added the Eclipse testing framework. I imported org.eclipse.core.tests.harness from the eclipse.runtime bundle. To solve the error "No available bundle exports package 'org.eclipse.equinox.http' I imported the rt.equinox.bundle without success (erros still there).Â

When I run "All p2 tests" I get one error (testCancellation) and 56 failures (assertInitialized). When I try to run "All p2 UI Tests" it is not started at all. It seems that org.eclipse.osgi can't find bundles?!

What am I missing? Any idea what is wrong?Â

If you need additional information, just contact me.

Thanks in advance!