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Re: [equinox-dev] Vote for Committer status for Mykola Nikishov

> But if the platform is ok with that and you are happy to deal with the consequences.....

This is an RT PMC problem where the Platform has no say, unless we move Equinox back to the Eclipse top-level project.

The problem is that p2 is not active enough anymore and patches from people like Mykola sit around for weeks if not months. So, unless p2 (Equinox now) committers don't commit to review incoming contributions in a timely manner then the RT PMC must come up with a plan to fix this. This is the PMC's job as part of the EDP. At the Eclipse top-level project we are currently working on a plan to fix our projects where there's not enough activity.

I'm not an Equinox committer, but from what I've seen from Mykola I would +1 his nomination.