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Re: [equinox-dev] Convergence between p2 and the OSGi resolver+repository

On 11/15/2016 12:52 PM, Todor Boev wrote:

Are there any plans to bring together p2 and OSGi resolver+repository standards?
    There is no immediate plan for this.

It should be beneficial to have similar (maybe identical?) dependency resolution at provisioning time and later at runtime.
    The install time and runtime resolvers resolve a slightly different problem because the install time resolver has to look for candidates in a large space, whereas the runtime one has to connect as many components together.
    I have not tried replacing the p2 resolver with the new OSGi resolver so I can't tell how it would perform.

- Is it possible to publish the bundle generic capabilities/requirements to the p2 repository?
    Yes this should be possible. The underlying p2 capability / requirement model is really extensible and the current limitation is only the serialized format.

- Is it possible to use the equinox Resolver inside the p2 Planner?
    It is possible to get something going but I'm not sure if this will scale (p2 resolver is able to perform seamlessly on 10's of thousands of IUs), nor if you will be able to replicate the subtleties that result from having an objective function.

-  Even if the equinox Resolver can not be used is it possible for p2 to handle generic requirements/capabilities?
    Yes. This should not be too much work.

Todor Boev

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