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Re: [equinox-dev] -1 for Mykola Nikishov on rt.equinox by Pascal Rapicault

Pascal, if you think he needs more time this is fine.Â

However, you'll need to be more responsive regarding his code reviews. The work Mykola has been doing on checksums has been in the review queue for a very long time (some time around May, if I recall) and you are the best subject matter expert for most of the areas it touches.

Please spend some time teaching him what he needs to learn, so we can get the benefit of him as a full committer soon.

The sort of security and privacy concerns that Mykola seems so keen to work on would really benefit the project.

 - Stefan

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 8:37 AM portal on behalf of <portal-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Pascal Rapicault voted:
Mykola has definitely shown tenacity and a strong desire to commit and this
is great.

However I\'m concerned that he is not quite ready because:
- He needs to better grasp the implication of the changes he is proposing
(backward and forward compatibility) and the impact they have on the
overall ecosystem (Tycho, b3, PDE Build, the Platform)
- Some of the changes are causing unnecessary churn in the code
Before giving in the +1, I would like to wait until all the work he is
proposing on SHA256 gets in.

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