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[equinox-dev] Thousands of exceptions during boot, yet application is running - harmless or symptom of issues which should be solved?


I'm working on upgrading a legacy application which uses Equinox as its OSGi runtime. When booted and running, there are close to a thousand bundles loaded in the container. 

Since I'm working on upgrading significant parts of the application, and debugging issues still present during boot, I discovered thousands of exceptions present in the existing (trunk/production version, not the upgraded one) of the application after enabling osgi.debug. 

Is seeing so many exceptions - e.g. ClassNotFound exceptions - during boot in an application which does boot however and runs, is normal? Or is it a symptom of issues which should be addressed and might come out when - e.g. now - parts of the application are being upgraded and many new bundles added and a critical point is reached where application simply will not start until underlying reason for this is solved? 

Is Equinox OSGi well suited for running applications consisting of close to a thousand bundles? Are there any potential resource bottleneck related issues which should be considered in such large OSGI applications? 

I will greatly appreciate your input, since I have not found much - or nothing at all - regarding issues which could cause such.