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Re: [equinox-dev] security exceptions using Felix config admin with Equinox


Iâve also posted this to the Felix dev list, as the problem occurs when using Felix config admin with Equinox runtime.

Iâm using org.eclipse.osgi_3.10.101.v20150820-1432.jar



On 18 May 2016, at 18:58, Derek Baum <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Iâm running with a SecurityManager installed and a trivial security.policy that grants AllPermission.

This works fine when running using the Felix runtime; however when I switch to Equinox I get security exceptions.

Iâm not yet sure whether the problem lies with Felix config admin (1.8.8), Equinox runtime or elsewhere.

Iâve diagnosed the cause of the failure as follows:

Felix config admin ManagedServiceTracker, uses doPrivileged() to invoke the service.updated() method, with a new AccessControlContext:

      AccessController.doPrivileged(new PrivilegedExceptionAction() {
               public Object run() throws ConfigurationException {
                   service.updated( properties );
                   return null;
            }, getAccessControlContext( service ) );

    AccessControlContext getAccessControlContext( final Object ref ) {
        return new AccessControlContext( new ProtectionDomain[]
            { ref.getClass().getProtectionDomain() } );

Felix and Equinox return different ProtectionDomain implementations:


Both implementations extend ProtectionDomain, but the Felix implementation uses the 4-arg constructor:

     The permissions granted to this domain are dynamic; they include
     both the static permissions passed to this constructor, and any
     permissions granted to this domain by the current Policy at the
     time a permission is checked.

while the Equinox implementation uses the 2-arg constructor.

    The only permissions granted to this domain
    are the ones specified; the current Policy will not be consulted

So the problem arises because Felix config admin is using doPrivileged() with a new AccessControlContext(), constructed using the target classes ProtectionDomain, and the ProtectionDomain returned when running on Equinox, does not consult the current policy, so my security policy containing grant AllPermission is ignored.

Iâve taken a quick look at the Equinox config admin implementation, and it doesnât use doPrivileged() or a new AccessControlContext(),
so the issue does not arise.

Any opinions on whether this issue lies in Felix config admin, Equinox framework, or elsewhere?