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[equinox-dev] Merge of equinox committer groups

Right now the equinox project has the following sub-projects, each with their own committer groups

rt.equinox - parent project, no real code here, but it does contain the website
rt.equinox.framework - where the OSGi framework and Equinox native launcher lives
rt.equinox.bundles - where everything else is, besides p2
rt.equinox.p2 - where p2 is

I plan to request the foundation fold rt.equinox.framework and rt.equinox.bundles into the parent project rt.equinox.  I do not think there is a need to separate committers of the various equinox bundles from committers of the framework/launcher or the website.  I do not plan to request p2 be folded into rt.equinox unless the existing p2 community of committers request that to happen.  p2 is a fairly large codebase so it makes sense to keep it separate if the committers want that.  But the rest of Equinox is not that large and maintaining 3 separate committer groups is not worth it in my opinion.

Committers, please voice your concerns if you have them.