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[equinox-dev] it is possible to load config.ini from a different location other than -configuration ?


I'm trying to set Equinox to run as a linux systemd service.

I set the service to launch using java -jar org.eclipse.osgi -configuration /etc/myapp.

The idea was to install config.ini (set as conffile) at /etc/myapp and let the configuration data to be created at /var/lib/myapp directory.

I tried many configurations combination but it always try to create storage directories relative to where config.ini file is, which gives some errors due the fact that user which is starting it do not had permissions to create directories inside /etc dir.

one alternative that comes to mind was to create a symlimk in etc/myapp/config.ini pointinf to var/lib/myapp/config.ini.

anyway, I would be grateful for any opinion.