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Re: [equinox-dev] New felix resolver 1.4.0 in equinox framework and custom release?

On 22.06.2015 15:29, Thomas Watson wrote:
> So I got some questions:
> - When is the next planned release of the equinox framework that would
> contain the new resolver sources?

Our Mars Equinox release (version 4.5) is eminent (June 25th).  The last felix resolver fix that will go into this release of Equinox is:


That is svn revision 1680878

I'm guessing you also want https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-4914
I need to understand that fix better.  I don't like the idea of modelling fragment identity as hosted by their host bundles since these are not payload capabilities.  I fear something is being overlooked.  I need to get a testcase up in equinox to take a better look at the issue.
Basically I hoped that the full release 1.4.0 would go into equinox as it then would be identical to the felix 5.0.1. code. I can understand though that you are picky about the commits as it is really a core part of the framework.
Unfortunately karaf internally uses the resolver from the framework also for their own feature resolution. Maybe we need to change this again in karaf to be more flexible.
For now I will stay with a custom build of equinox for our product.
In karaf we will use the newest release from equinox. Hopefully it will work well enough.

Assuming the current fix is good or we find a proper alternative I think we could target this fix for the Mars service release 1 (which is in September).  But for now could you open an Equinox framework bug to track the fixes you want made to the Felix resolver code within Equinox?

> - For my custom release which tag of equinox should I base my fork on?
> M20150204-0900?

Eventually we will create a new tag R4_5 in git, but this will not happen until the end of this week.  But unless something really catastrophic occurs that would force us to respin I can tell you that the commit at tag I20150603-2000 will be used for the R4_5 tag.  I would go ahead and use that for your fixes so that you have the latest Mars release + the latest Felix resolver code.
Thanks I will use it.
In general. Is the correct approach to look into the jar of a release and look up the tag ?

> - I would like to create a suffixed version for my custom release so it
> can be easily distinguished from the original equinox release. I tried
> several variants like 3.10.2-Talend or but all lead to an error
> during the build. So how can I create a suffixed custom version?

'-' cannot be used as a version separator for the qualifier.  How are you trying to specify the qualifier.  During the build the qualifier is filled in because the key word 'qualifier' is used in the manifest.  I assume you instead just try to fill this in with your own custom qualifier?
I first set the custom qualifier in the pom but it complained about differences with the Manifest. So I also set it there. For now I simply use a different maven groupId. This was the easiest way to distinguish it from the official version.

> - In maven central there are several artifacts for the equinox framework
> (org.eclipse.osgi).  Which of these is the official one from the equinox
> project?

That is a sore topic.  Unfortunately there is not one that we can call official from the equinox project.  Perhaps we can work out with Ray Auge how to publish all the latest from Mars once it is available.  Unfortunately this is not automatic right now.
Yes. It makes it very difficult to use any eclipse code in plain maven. It would be great if eclipse could have the policy to always also publish to maven central. Maybe p2 could be even changed to just contain the meta data and always retrieve the jars from a maven repo. This would also make the p2 repos a lot smaller.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect