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Re: [equinox-dev] How to measure and improve Eclipse 4.4 Statup Performance ?

I'm unsure why debug/bundleTime is not suitable for you to figure out long running bundle activators.  The monitor/lazy option only prints stack traces for lazy activated bundles (see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=431491).  I don't recall what trace/activation did in the past, but I can imagine it printed stacks for all bundle activations regardless of lazy activation.  Like I said it was buried in some complicated code that I must admit I did not write or maintain and as a result was happy to get rid of :)

No this is not in the migration guide.  It could go in there, but I never thought we treated our trace options as API so I had not considered writing a migration guide for when we change them.  I'm pretty sure this is not the first time a trace option has been removed or changed in eclipse/equinox.  Do we know if there have been migration guide entries for past changes to trace options?


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Hi Tom,
Many thanks for your quick response !
On more testing, the incorrect âApplication Started:â message looks like an issue in the Java Runtime : With Java 7u51 it seems that on computer cold start (right after reboot), the RuntimeMXBean#getUptime() method lies â in my case, it takes the JRE 5 seconds to boot up, only then it brings up the splash screen and uptime starts counting. Iâll do slightly more investigation and might file a bug against Java since as a user, I need startup performance end-to-end. Anyways I can find a workaround for that.
The lack of the trace/activation option is a real problem IMO. We had used that lots of times to understand why unexpected bundle activation happened. But it seems that org.eclipse.osgi/monitor/lazy is a replacement, can you confirm ? And if yes, is this documented in a migration guide ?

On timing, itâs true that we never had nanosec accuracy in the past, but Jeff McAffer had requested it in Bugzillaâs (thatâs where I go the idea from). Computers have become faster, and in my tracing I see lots of bundle times just as â0â â assuming LOTS of bundles with â0â millisec each might easily add up to noticeable delay. But itâs not a big concern of mine, and looking at StackOverflow it seems that System.nanoTime() has to be consumed with caution so it might be better to stay away from that.
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