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Re: [equinox-dev] Uses conflicts gone after "eclipse -clean":Why?

Hi Neil,

> Specifically the FrameworkWiring.refreshBundles() method can be used to
> force refresh and re-resolution of a subset of bundles.

thank you for the pointer.

But before I resort to this brute-force measure, I'd like to understand
the problem a bit better (never a bad idea ;-).

The uses conflict [1] happens if I first install feature A and then
(after the traditional restart) install feature B. After restarting
again some of A's bundles fail to resolve due to a uses conflict. (All
of B's bundles resolve just fine.)

>From what I have learned on this thread, if any bundle faces a uses
conflict then it should have been one of B's, as Equinox won't rewire
the already resolved bundles of A. But that's what seems to happen.

To make this even more mysterious for an OSGi novice like myself, -clean
causes all uses conflicts to go away.

I would be extremely grateful if someone could give me a hint as to what
part of OSGi bundle wiring I don't understand, as both feature A (Code
Recommenders) and B (m2e) are participating in the Luna release train
and we certainly don't want uses conflicts there.

Best wishes,


[1] <https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=432022>

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