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Re: [equinox-dev] Problem exporting packages on Luna

I have had a look at the jboss issue.  Before going into the long details of my observations I would like a bug report opened against Equinox with the steps to reproduce (what exact version of the VM is used, where to get all the things to install etc).  I have not actually tried to reproduce this.  It seems the change in the equinox resolver to no longer make special preference of packages exported by the system bundle may be contributing to this issue.  That old equinox behavior is not in lines with the OSGi specification and does lead to other types of resolution issues.  I deduce this from the following error chain from the resolver:

Unable to resolve resource org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix [osgi.identity; osgi.identity="org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version=""; singleton:="true"] because it is exposed to package 'javax.xml.ws' from resources org.eclipse.osgi [osgi.identity; osgi.identity="org.eclipse.osgi"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version="3.10.0.v20140121-0337"; singleton:="true"] and javax.xml.ws [osgi.identity; osgi.identity="javax.xml.ws"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version="2.1.0.v200902101523"] via two dependency chains.

Chain 1:
 org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix [osgi.identity; osgi.identity=
"org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version=""; singleton:="true"]
   require: (osgi.wiring.bundle=org.eclipse.core.runtime)
   provide: osgi.wiring.bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime
 org.eclipse.osgi [osgi.identity; osgi.identity=
"org.eclipse.osgi"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version="3.10.0.v20140121-0337"; singleton:="true"]

Chain 2:
 org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix [osgi.identity; osgi.identity=
"org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version=""; singleton:="true"]
   require: (osgi.wiring.bundle=org.springframework.web)
   provide: osgi.wiring.bundle; osgi.wiring.bundle=
"org.springframework.web"; bundle-version:Version=""
 org.springframework.web [osgi.identity; osgi.identity=
"org.springframework.web"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version=""]
import: (&(osgi.wiring.package=javax.xml.ws)(version>=0.0.0))
   export: osgi.wiring.
package: javax.xml.ws
 javax.xml.ws [osgi.identity; osgi.identity=
"javax.xml.ws"; type="osgi.bundle"; version:Version="2.1.0.v200902101523"]

This indicates to me that org.springframework.web is exporting some package that uses javax.xm.ws AND org.springframework.web got wired to the javax.xml.ws package exported by the javax.xm.ws bundle.  What is not indicated is the package version of javax.xml.ws, but if this is the orbit bundle (which it seems to be from the version) then the package version is 2.1.0.  The resolver prefers packages with a higher version and the system.bundle exports the javax packages with no version (because as of yet nobody knows what version of these packages the various versions of the VM have).  So the resolver picks the higher 2.1.0 version package javax.xml.ws for resolving the org.springframework.web bundle.

org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix is using require-bundle (sigh, here we go) for the org.eclipse.core.runtime bundle, which inturn re-rexports org.eclipse.osgi (yes, re-export is evil!).  In Equinox org.eclipse.osgi is the system.bundle so that means it is exporting javax.xml.ws depending on the Java SE version you are running on.  This is how org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix is getting exposed to the two different versions of javax.xml.ws.  If we had instead preferred the system.bundle export of javax.xml.ws for the Import-Package from org.springframework.web then it is likely this scenario would have resolved OK in Luna.

Another thing that is contributing to this situation is the fact that we changed to doing incremental resolves in Equinox instead of "big bang" in order to avoid exploding the uses constraint resolve process when we have large sets of bundles [1].  This effectively locks in previous decisions we made when resolving each bundle one at a time.  This is likely why the org.springframework.web bundle gets wired to the higher javax.xml.ws package and "locked in" without the ability to back off that decision later when we are trying to resolve org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix

At the end of the day there are things the resolve may be able to do to help, but the real issue is the situation the spring bundles have introduced by using require bundle for org.eclipse.core.runtime.  Also changing the resolver to help in this scenario likely will cause issues in other scenarios.  One simple change to help would be for the org.springframework.ide.eclipse.quickfix bundle to use Import-Package for the javax.xml.ws packages they need that are used by org.springframework.web.


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=421706#c10

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Subject: [equinox-dev] Problem exporting packages on Luna
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Spring IDE (the org.springframework.web plugin) exports the javax.xml.ws
and javax.xml.bind package.
If a Luna distribution includes the javax.xml.ws and javax.xml.bind
plugin, no one plugin depending on the org.springframework.web plugin
will be started.
Luna reports there are two chains for the javax.xml.ws and
javax.xml.bind package.
The issue doesn't happen on Kepler.
Is this a bug or expected behaviour?
See more details in

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