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Re: [equinox-dev] R6 httpservice update

Hi Thomas,

<stuff deleted>
> I'm glad to hear there are folks interested, but we still need someone to
> drive the implementation.

As always.

<stuff deleted>
> I'm willing to start a branch for the work, but I myself cannot spend lots
> of time on it either.  After all I have to convince my employer to pay me
> for this work also ;-)

Appears to me to be a common problem.

<stuff deleted>
> Sure we can discuss this at EclipseCon.

Sadly I'm not going to be there (see previous comment)...but just to
communicate the needs publicly to those who will be:

1) ECF consumers are/have been looking for new Remote Service
providers...based upon HttpService (rfc-189) and websocket (rfp-356.
2) For us, supporting 1 essentially translates to:
   a) HttpService update support
   b) Websocket impl available

We are more than willing to help out with 2a and 2b...because they will
directly contribute to 1...and we have the necessary technical background.
 I suspect (but don't know, of course) that other EF projects (and
commercial products based upon those projects) are in a similar
position...wrt 2a and/or 2b.

Please keep us informed about the happenings on this at EclipseCon (I
don't know if an enhancement/bug already exists or not...whether/where
that makes sense I'll leave to Thomas).