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Re: [equinox-dev] R6 httpservice update

Hey guys,

Some of you may be aware that I'm working on a very prototypical (pre alpha) impl of this.

It will be open source regardless. But I've been given permission to make the suggestion of offering this to bootstrap or at least as a thought experiment for a collaboration of this work (the impl is pretty fresh and so is open to any change at all). We'd certainly benefit from all the experience here.

Couple of caveats:

1) I'm not an Eclipse commiter but I already have to dedicate effort to both implementing and maintaining this long term (modularity being a key strategy for us) which could be of benefit to an sustained project under equinox.

2) Our impl is specifically geared to "bridged" environments. However, I think that it would be feasible to actually separate the part that's pure support of the OSGi side, from the part that either speaks to the bridge, or the embedded http server. Frankly that'd be ideal.

Anyway, it's just a thought!

- Ray

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

> >
> > There are no definite plans to implement the R6 httpservice
> > implementation.
> > But this is something I would like to see happen.
> FWIW...me/us too. Â For context: Âwe have remote service providers that
> depend upon HttpService, and it would be very nice for those and other
> providers to use the R6 HttpService updates as soon as possible.
> We also have a pending contribution of a remote service provider that's
> based upon/uses websockets [1] and would like to make that contribution
> available to our consumers in Luna timeframe.

I'm glad to hear there are folks interested, but we still need someone to drive the implementation.

> >In order for it to
> > happen though we need an owner to step up to implement it.
> Perhaps this could be done by multiple committers collaborating
> cross-project rather than (e.g.) one equinox committer. Â Perhaps also the
> corporate members (others of which would probably also like to see
> this...is my guess) could contribute support to such cross-project
> collaboration.

I was not intending to say this work has to be done by a single committer. ÂBut we do need someone with enough vested interest to drive this to completion.

> >I know Gunnar
> > showed interest, but I don't know if he is in the position to drive the
> > implementation.
> I don't know either. ÂUnfortunately I cannot commit to drive it
> myself...I've got enough on my own plate already. ÂAlthough I can/would be
> willing to contribute/collaborate.

I'm willing to start a branch for the work, but I myself cannot spend lots of time on it either. ÂAfter all I have to convince my employer to pay me for this work also ;-)

> >As for Luna, this cannot happen since the spec will not
> > be
> > done in time.
> Is that true? Â I was under the impression that the rfc-189 work would be
> in R6.

It is but that is R6 compendium. ÂCompendium R6 is not going to be ready in time for Luna. ÂI'm actually not sure when it will be final. ÂI just sat through an EG meeting today and there is still significant work going on in the RFC. ÂWe have API freeze for Luna tomorrow (M6).

> >We would need to start in a branch that can be merged to
> > master at an appropriate time for a release.
> Sure. ÂIs this something that can/should be discussed at the
> RT-PMC...and/or at upcoming EclipseCon? ÂSeems to me likely that many (at
> least) runtime projects likely use HttpService...and so I suspect you and
> I are not alone in wanting to see it happen.
> Scott

Sure we can discuss this at EclipseCon.


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