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Re: [equinox-dev] Announcing the first Stable (Milestone) build of Eclipse 4.4 and Equinox for Luna


I've downloaded the Luna ide but couldn't install any plugin because the p2 that comes with it (Luna - http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna) doesn't contain any.

Could someone point me to the p2 site address that I should use to install plugins in LunaM1?



On 09/08/13 15:18, David M Williams wrote:
Read what is new and noteworthy in

And download a version for your favorite platform:

In theory, you might be able to update a 4.3 released version (not used for production work) to
the 4.4 level by using the repository below ... but, we recommend people start off "fresh" for
new release cycle.  But, in general, 4.4 milestone repository is at

If you'd like only the equinox specific packages, download those from

Many thanks to the committers and contributors who made our Luna development get off to a great start.

Thanks to all,

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