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Re: [equinox-dev] gogo close is not terminating all threads ?

Investigating a bit more I could reproduce and found a solution for the problem.

To reproduce the problem you must set the OSGi launch configuration's "Default auto-start" to false and keep in false the "auto-start" property of Gogo bundles.

It worth to say that almost everything works well when using Equinox this way, only the close command is not working as expected.

the solution was to set the "auto-start" property of Gogo bundles to true.



On 07/08/13 16:18, Cristiano Gavião wrote:

I'm using Kepler in Mac and JavaSE 1.7.

I'm running Equinox using OSGi Framework configuration.

I'm facing a condition where a gogo close command is not terminating two threads (Thread [Gogo shell] and Thread [DestroyJavaVM] ).

What is happen is that after I enter a first close I receive another prompt. Then if I enter any other command I receive a IllegalStateException.

see below:

Really want to stop Equinox? (y/n; default=y)  y
osgi> close
gosh: java.lang.IllegalStateException: session is closed

has anyone experiment this? Any tip on how could I debug this?