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Re: [equinox-dev] org.eclipse.osgi.framework.debug.FrameworkDebugOptions

Thanks, David.


I found that I can replace FrameworkDebugOptions.getDefault().getBooleanOption(key) with Platform.getDebugOption(key).


- Konstantin


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Tom (and the one or two others who might know) are not available this week so ... just so that you do not feel ignored :) .... I'll respond with the tiny bit I know, and Tom can later address deeper if needed.

Short answer: I believe it is intended to be gone ... but I don't what to recommend on "how to transition".

The previous version, in package org.eclipse.osgi.framework.debug, was marked as "x-internal" in MANIFEST.MF (meaning, was not API, even though did not have internal in the package name).

There is a new version of FrameworkDebugOptions, now in a package with 'internal' in the name, org.eclipse.osgi.internal.debug, which, off hand, ... from the most casual of skim reading ... appears to be intended to be used more as a service, not by direct (non-API) reference.

Tom has been working hard re-implementing a large amount of "Equinox internals" for some time (in anticipation of new specs) and while I didn't see 'debug' mentioned explicitly, there is a lot written about the changes at


and that wiki page in turn points to various specs and other specific bugs which might help you migrate off the non-API class.

Hope this helps ... but if if not, ask again in a week or two and I'm sure Tom can say more.


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Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue? I am assuming that this is result of recent refactoring. The package in question doesnât have internal in the name, but if the class is going away for good, could someone let me know what the equivalent invocation should be?
- Konstantin
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Friday, August 02, 2013 5:03 PM
[equinox-dev] org.eclipse.osgi.framework.debug.FrameworkDebugOptions

In the process of migrating Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse to the latest Luna integration build, I have discovered that FrameworkDebugOptions class seems to be missing. Thoughts?
- Konstantin
    [java]     [javac] 1. ERROR in D:\Oracle\OEPE\Depot\trunk\luna\plugins\oracle.eclipse.tools.xml.model\src\oracle\ec
ipse\tools\xml\model\TraceOptions.java (at line 6)
    [java]     [javac]         import org.eclipse.osgi.framework.debug.FrameworkDebugOptions;
    [java]     [javac]                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    [java]     [javac] The import org.eclipse.osgi.framework.debug cannot be resolved
    [java]     [javac] ----------
    [java]     [javac] 2. ERROR in D:\Oracle\OEPE\Depot\trunk\luna\plugins\oracle.eclipse.tools.xml.model\src\oracle\ec
ipse\tools\xml\model\TraceOptions.java (at line 36)
    [java]     [javac]         final DebugOptions debugOptions = FrameworkDebugOptions.getDefault();
    [java]     [javac]                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    [java]     [javac] FrameworkDebugOptions cannot be resolved
    [java]     [javac] ----------
    [java]     [javac] 2 problems (2 errors)_______________________________________________
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