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Re: [equinox-dev] I'm unhooked

Hi Tom,

Thanks for clarifying. At least I don't have to search longer,
where the old hooks might have been moved to :)
I certainly knew that things are in motion in this area,
but I wasn't expecting the hooks to disappear just now.
I may have simply forgotten an announcement.

I'll suspend all other work and flesh out the new implementation
of OT/Equinox as soon as I return from current traveling.

For the time being I have only one question: how can a
weaver bundle ensure that it is activated as early as possible?
How should I register the weaving service? See also

Unfortunately, our Kepler bundles require org.eclipse.osgi[3.7.0,4.0.0)
so they will seem to install into Luna but then nothing will work.
I should have adjusted these to a tighter version range!

I'll be back with more questions later this week ...

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Subject: Re: [equinox-dev] I'm unhooked
Date: Mo 15 Jul 2013 17:47:26 CEST
From: Thomas Watson<tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx>
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H Stephan,

Sorry if this came as a surprise to you.  My intention all along with the new framework (now in the luna builds) was to break the equinox 'internal' hooks.  I say these are internal because they are not true 'API' to normal bundles, but are made available to framework extensions that need to hook into the deep parts of the framework implementation details.

It is necessary to make such a breaking change to framework extension implementations because the old equinox hooks baked into its signatures many types from the old Equinox resolver API.  This resolver is no longer used internally in the framework implementation.  The amount of wrapping and proxying we would have to do to support all the old hook interfaces would have an end result of making the new framework even more complicated than the old one.

The org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor package was always marked as x-internal to try and make it clear that these are not true API.  I do not plan to update the org.eclipse.osgi version to 4.0.0 in Luna.  I suspect such a version update would break many more folks than the handful of Equinox framework extension hook implementers.  Point me to any bugs you have in Object Teams that you would like my input on for migrating to the Luna framework.


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From: Stephan Herrmann <stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx>
To: equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 07/14/2013 11:44 AM
Subject: [equinox-dev] I'm unhooked
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today I tried the first Object Teams build against a Luna milestone,
and miserably failed at the attempt to implement

Looking back at the discussions about "new framework" and clients
migrating to the new WeavingHook etc. I can't find an announcement
that the old hooks will actually be removed. So my question is:
is this a temporary state as Equinox is moving to a new implementation
or is that API indeed nuked? (Equinox Luna will be 4.0.0 then?)

As mentioned before, I'm interested in moving to the new hook and
in trying to make this a coordinated move with other clients via
a new version of equinox weaving. I made experiments that show
the new hooks satisfy at least 80% of our (OT) requirements.
I'm just a bit uneasy about the remaining 20% that now separate
me from the next successful build...

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