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[equinox-dev] Classloading issue with javaagent and dedicated Eclipse application

Hi everybody,
I have a complex problem to solve and unfortunately I am out of ideas.
Hopefully you can help me.
My situation is like this:
I am using Eclipse 3.8 to run a headless Eclipse application (PDE EclipseTestRunner).
In addition the jacoco javaagent is started via –javaagent parameter to gather code coverage.
The Jacoco javaagent is implemented via a singleton pattern.
I have written a special class that is invoked automatically by the headless application (during the tests). This special class is a JUnitFormatter that is used for tweaking the code coverage data for a testcase (storing for each test case a dedicated session within the coverage data). For that the access to the Jacoco instance is necessary. The formatter class is contained in a bundle fragment (of org.eclipse.test) that has a dependency to ant and junit4.
The formatter class itself can be invoked (when specifying the host as org.eclipse.test) but then I get an exception that the Jacoco agent class(instance) cannot be found at all.
To solve this problem I played around (according to http://blog.springsource.com/2009/01/19/exposing-the-boot-classpath-in-osgi/) with system packages, extension bundles, boot delegation but none of it worked. Either the agent class could not be found or even the JunitFormatter class could not be found (I guess that in this case the fragment could not be loaded due to certain dependencies).
Any idea how to solve that? Do I maybe need to change the parent classloader when running the tests?
Thank you a lot in advance.