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Re: [equinox-dev] Getting an instance of a source bundle

Thanks, but unfortunately not so useful.  I can't guarantee that users will have PDE installed.  Since I know the full path to the bundle and I know the symbolic name of the source bundle, I can generate the path to the source bundle from the bundle.  (I'd miss the case where the source bundle and the bundle are installed in different locations, but that seems rare enough that I won't worry about it).

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 11:40 AM, Pascal Rapicault <pascal.rapicault@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The source jars are all available in a file called source.info located in eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.source

p2 writes these files using SimpleConfigurationManipulatorImpl but I assume that PDE has some logic / helper code that does all the logic you are interested in since it needs to look at the p2 metadata to figure out the bundle to source relationship.






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I would like to get a handle on a source bundle, but they do not seem to be installed in the running Eclipse.  For example, I would like to be able to do this:

Bundle jdtUiSource = Platform.getBundle("org.eclipse.jdt.ui.source");

However, this always returns null.

Indeed, when I look use the OSGi console, I see something like this, even though the source bundle is available:

osgi> ss org.eclipse.jdt.ui
"Framework is launched."
id    State       Bundle
243    ACTIVE      org.eclipse.jdt.ui_3.8.2.v20130107-165834

What I really need is a way to find the filesystem path to a source bundle (or null if not available).  So, I don't need the bundle instance, but this just seems like a handy way to get the path.

Does anyone have some ideas on what I can do?